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It’s official! I have finally decided to start up a blog, I figured it was about time! Yes I know, I am starting a blog like every other female “Influencer” on Instagram, what a shock!. Actually, ideas like this don’t just pop into my head one day and get developed the next, this idea is something I have been sitting on for about two years, (good things come to those who wait). and I had my reasons! Does blasting my life on social media and all over the web sound THAT appealing? Then there’s the fear of exposing my life under a microscope on a digital platform. Or becoming “just another blog”. Yes, we all know those, the ones where girls sit behind their Mac laptops woefully typing out their life’s feats and greatest accomplishments and posting about their perfectly manicured nails propped up against the shiny new wheel of their BMW or Mercedes, with a steaming cup of Starbucks in the cup holder next to them, concluding the post with the hashtag “#bloggerlife”.

Anyway, to put it nicely, the last thing I want to be is “THAT” girl. Because in reality my life is quite diverse and in my opinion, interesting… I mean, I’ve basically been living the “blogger life” for the last few years, minus the blogging part.

Bloggers Check List

  • Travel the country
  • Fashion Enthusiast
  • Modeling background
  • Degree in marketing and fashion management
  • Passion for photography
  • Entrepreneur spirit

So I thought to myself, why not take a jab at this blogging thing?

Let me give you a quick rundown on my life, or should I say the Ash 101?

Monday through Friday I am working out of my “ice white” showroom located in the heart of Hollywood CA-you know the kinds decorated with white leather couches and furry chairs but you can’t sit anywhere in fear of your denim jeans bleeding on the white decor? Yup that’s my princess Elsa bubble.. My work includes (inhale) #representingvariousfashionclientsofmine #attendingfashionshowsfashionpartiesfashionevents #celebrityandinfluenceroutreach #creatingcontentandmanagingmultiplesocialmediapages #interiordecorating #stylingservices#andtraveling (exhale-phew!) AND caring wayyyy too much about my high end purse collection and what designer labels I get to tag that day*. Needless to say, my “9-5” work week (umm what “9-5”?) is spent completely immersed in the fashion industry. I eat sleep and drink fashion.
*even I gave that an eye roll

Fast forward to the weekends, I humble it all down and get back to my small town roots where I double as a cowgirl. I get to rock cowboy boots and fringe skirts as my main uniform while I travel the country with PBR (Professional Bull Riding) Yes, I am also a bull rider. Just kidding Nope. You seriously think my Jimmy Choo wearing foot could wrap around a bucking bull…NO way! BUT! Monster Energy is the sponsor of this extreme sport and my job is to represent the company at all the PBR events by traveling with the tour. These getaways are something I look forward each weekend, it is such an amazing opportunity to watch an incredible show, represent a national brand, as well as learn about new food, culture, and all the heartwarming cities I visit each year. Never in my life did I (miss fashionista) think that I could become such a fan of ANY sport, let alone one that involves bucking bulls, country music, and real cowboys (well the cowboy part isn’t so bad ) So if you have ever paired your cowboy boots and hat with a DVF wrap dress, or tried to lead a line dance to kanye then come along my little cowdolls this one is for you.

In a nutshell, that’s my life. I have ZERO days off and so of course, I thought to myself, “Why not add ANOTHER responsibility and write a blog about my adventures too top it all off?!” And the idea was born. I never stop, except of course to take a quick cat nap and maybe just a sip of Rose, or two or three…

With this blog, I hope to exercise the “sourpatch” kid in me by satisfying my sweet tooth for being a Hollywood fashionista while staying true to my small town roots. Hence the title: Fashion, Beauty & Bulls! So raise your hand If your a line dancing, two stepping, Louboutin wearing country listening, materialistic, bad ass who is proof that you can be both flower and thorn and leather and lace. And like me if you can’t fully commit to either side, there’s beauty in frolicking in both worlds.

So saddle up and powder your nose as you follow me on this wild ride.

From my full blown fast paced fashion world, to my charming weekend western lifestyle. Don’t forget to repost, tag, follow, and like along the way! I can’t wait to share with you all of my thoughts, photos, finds, and of course, sassy sarcastic remarks along the way.

XO- Ash


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