Valentines Day with Biggy Smalls

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Carrera cafe

Happy Valentines day loves!! I know half the population hates this holiday while the other half loves it. But I think the bottom line is we just need more love and kindness in this world no matter what day it is. This day goes way beyond just celebrating with your significant other or mourning over a past ex or fling. The bigger picture is just trying to be the best YOU  and adding some positivity into this world. We all know no matter who we are, what color we are, where we come from, this world can use a little more Kindness and unity everyday.

Carrera cafe

Last week, my photographer Aida and I made sure to get some shots in front of this wall. Super appropriate for V-day. I went more casual with this look. Lately, I have really chosen comfort over anything else. I think with my busy schedule I am having less and less time to dress up and get full glammed. Which is why 99% of my life results up in a “Fun-Bun”.

Carrera cafe

This sweater skirt with front slit is from GUESS, they have had some major sales lately and I have always been a loyal fan of the brand. I paired it with this AMAZING denim button down that has a over-sized boxy fit. I am obsessed with the embroidery detail on the back saying “It was all a dream” Carrera cafe

YEA BIGGIE SMALLS! (Currently listening to the song as I write this blog) and as we know it’s a pretty inspiring song, which brings me back to a similar tone in the beginning of this blog, and how we just really need to stay positive. In Hollywood sometimes the struggle of “Making it” and being successful can really take a toll on someone, especially when the “Hustle” is all you really know. I by no means “have made it” however I have seen the progress my company and myself has made when you really give it everything you have. But when I say give it everything you have. I mean you eat, sleep, and drink your dream 24/7… which can be a whole different kind of mindset and lifestlye. I encourage everyone to keep pursuing whatever it is that makes you happy and that doesn’t always have to be career-related. It is so rewarding when you start seeing the progress. Every little effort helps the end result.

Carrera cafe

Anyways, enough when my motivational rants this afternoon. I hope everyone has a day full of love kindness and happiness! Get out there and show someone you care! #itwasalladream #markyourwalls

#itwasalladream #markyourwalls

Carrera cafe

Carrera cafe

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