Five Ways To Wear a Scarf

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Keeping in theme with this Freezing weather! I am currently in Little Rock, Arkansas for another round of PBR (currently hibernating in my hotel room as I write this blog) Anyways, I recently got this convertible scarf/blanket from my very first Fabfitfun box and wanted to share with you guys all the different way to wear it.

Starting with the “complete look” right below I went back to my NYC roots, black on black…on black. You can never go wrong! but to add just a touch of color I added the scarf and wore it very traditionally. Wrapped it around my neck and tied the ends in place. Pair with a hat and shades and …TADA!!

ways to wear a scarf

Style 1: Scarf Wrap

The easiest way to wear a scarf! Just wrap it around your shoulders. This look can be styled in a very “effortless/chic” as it should be. Throw on a tank and jeans, little effort with the hair and just throw the scarf over the shoulders. Its a very “weekend” look.
ways to wear a scarf

Polished it up a little with the next look. Although, I think this is a clever way to style it its not really my favorite, but I can see this way work for a lot of fashionistas.

Style 2: The Poncho

Wrap the scarf around you like the Scarf Wrap method above and cinch the waist with your favorite belt!

ways to wear a scarf

Style 3: Double Loop:

Loop the scarf twice around your neck. Take one end over and down through the neck loops and let ends hangways to wear a scarf

Style 4: Double Loop Side Scarf

Loop the scarf twice around your neck. Take one end over and down through the neck loops and tie ends together. Arrange the scarf so that it falls on one shoulder, one end thrown behind the shoulder and the other end falling in front of the shoulder. ways to wear a scarf

Style 5: The Muffler

Fold a square scarf so the ends meet to form a triangle.Put the ends of the triangle around the back of your neck so the point lays down the center of your body.Tie the ends on the back.Either let the ends hang down your back or bring them around and tuck them under the front triangle.ways to wear a scarf

Hope you got some inspiration…Ready to get back to my LA Weather tomorrow!!

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