What’s In My Bag?

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Hey Loves!

I am currently writing from Soux Falls South Dakota! Another round of PBR this weekend! We are getting towards the end of the season and I am having to restock all my “Go-To” travel items. Heres a peak into my bag and what I always have on me.

My personal bible-I am old school and still use a hard copy calendar book. I am a visual person and need to see it all laid out for me. My back up is google calendar but for some reason I just get more satisfaction and feel more productive if I can write it down on a calendar and then write details or things to remember on the day break down of my calendar. This was is from Kate Spade and has the cutest cover!

Evian Spray-Because I travel so much and spend so much of my time on planes, ubers and cabs my skin can sometimes suffer so I always make sure to bring my Evian Spray to help my skin stay hydrated on the go.

Moroccan Oil-I have a lot of baby hairs  so I need something constantly to tame them. I have always loved the smell of the Moroccan Oil products, makes me feel like I am on a mini vacation.

Simple Kind Face Wipes-After working and sometimes rushing straight to the plane I like to be able to take my makeup off almost right away. I actually don’t like wearing a lot of makeup unless I HAVE to, so as soon as I can take it off, I do.

Ray Bans-I can get a little dramatic when it comes to always needing my shades. I honestly feel like I can not function outside if I don’t have shades on(I for sure can’t see with my light eyes). I am just simply a sucker for the Raybans brand but sunglasses in general I can’t get enough of.

Chloe Perfume-My absolute favorite scent. It has been my signature smell for over 6 years. Its always on me and always in my bag! OBSESSED!

EOS Chapstick-Going back to the hydration thing. I ALWAYS need chapstick! I blame my dad for this one. I always saw him using chapstick growing up and so of course as a little girl I wanted to do the same. My lips are addicted to chapstick and need moisture 24/7. Because I am obsessed with great packaging, EOS is my first choice.

Makeup Forever HD Pressed powder– For the warm cities I travel to I need this powder especially for my T-zone. It helps absorb any unwanted oil.

KIND bars-I always need to pack some quick snacks when traveling. KIND bars are my go-to and individual Plain oatmeal packets. My fav is the almond and coconut combo!

Stevia-I know they say its probably not good for us. But honestly one day something Isn’t good for you, and the next day IT IS good for you. So personally, I believe most things are okay in moderation and try not to drive yourself crazy following all the latest research and articles.

Instant Camera-Although I usually use my phone to snap photos, I like to throw it back sometimes and take Polaroid’s. You can’t compete with a hard copy!

Mac Book Air-Cant go anywhere without my laptop. lightest and most convenient laptop I know of! I just save what I need on my air or bring my external hard drive.

Of course like any girl, I have a million receipts, leftover valet tickets, duplicates of chapsticks/lipstick and maybe some crumbs on the bottom of my bag that I ignore. But what I NEED is everything I listed! I am getting all geared up for festival season, several new blogs in the works! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!



Get my Bag Essentials!

Kate Spade Gold Dot Large Agenda

Fujifilm instax mini 8 Instant Film Camera

Moroccanoil – Luminous Hairspray Strong Finish

Evian – Mineral Water Spray

Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes

Ray-Ban Sunglasses

KIND Healthy Snacks

Anderson Lilley – Winter in Manhattan Beach Butter Body Cream

Chloe Eau de Parfum

Ultra HD Translucent Pressed Powder

EOS Lip Balm, Strawberry Sorbet

Trader Joe’s Stevia Extract

MacBook Air


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